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IAQ Home Survey™

A professional IAQ Home Survey measures and reports on the air in your home for chemicals and hidden mold that can be detrimental to your health.

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IAQ Home Survey

Wildfire Smoke Damage Assessments

There are significant and critical differences in Wildfire Smoke Damage Investigations you need to be aware of.

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Forensic Legal Consulting Expert Testimony Services

Our environmental consultants can assist you in preparing the technical portions of your case in both testifying and non-testifying roles.

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Forensic Legal Consulting and Expert Testimony


Asbestos is a mineral fiber. It can be positively identified only with a special type of microscope.

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Asbestos Lead


When a building becomes contaminated with a sewage back-flow from waste lines, and etc.

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Backed up toilet


Microbial contamination indoors occurs most often when moisture and food sources for microorganisms are not properly managed.

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Black Mode

Smoke Damage

Structural fires, protein fires (cooking) and wildfires produce smoke.

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Smoke damage in the home