Initial Mold Survey

Microbial contamination indoors occurs most often when moisture and food sources for microorganisms are not properly managed. In other words, microbes are ubiquitous but they will only essentially germinate and grow if a combination of organic material and the minimal moisture content needed for microbial growth occurs in as little as 24 to 48 hours. Therefore, microbial growth indoors can occur after a water loss, such as a flood, pipe breakage; chronic water intrusion caused by construction defects or poorly maintained building materials, condensation due to the presence of cold surfaces within a building, poorly maintained mechanical air conditioning systems, or if the building is located in a high humidity environment. The purpose of the initial mold investigation is to conduct a visual survey of specific areas of the property, collect a limited number of samples and analytical data in an effort to help determine the presence or absence of microbial contamination and/or aerosolized fungi spores, then if necessary, prepare a remediation protocol to address any microbial issues discovered.

Our Initial Mold Investigation includes a remediation protocol for $570 (includes the first 3 samples). Additional samples are $100/per sample.

Post Mold Remediation Verification for Clearance

The purpose of the Post Remediation Verification is to determine the efficacy of cleaning aerosolized fungi spores and microbial growth on the structural elements, finishing materials and/or personal items/contents within the designated work area(s). The Post Remediation Verification provides a measure of assurance, within sampling, testing and analysis limitations that the structure and contents have been remediated to a pre – loss condition as defined by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) S520 Mold Remediation Standard. PRV sampling may be required by the insurance carrier or Escrow Company prior to rental, lease or sale of subject property after remediation of a water intrusion event.

The cost of Post Remediation Verification for Clearance sampling is $570 (includes the first 3 samples). Additional samples are $100/per sample

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