Initial Bacteria/Sewage/CAT 3 Survey

When a building becomes contaminated with a sewage backflow from waste lines, toilet bowl overflow or flooding occurs that involves sewage or from water which travels over soil, a serious health threat may exist to humans indoors. The severity of the health threat depends on the content of the sewage and the degree and extent of penetration into the building. The degree of penetration is dependent on the porosity of materials, the quantity of sewage, and the amounts of time the sewage remains in contact with materials. Microbial pollution associated with water damage can be a risk to both occupants and restoration workers, potentially resulting in a variety of infections, allergic and toxic diseases. A wide variety of organisms are found in sewage. Some are human pathogens. Many pathogens may be present, including bacteria and viruses. Sewage pathogens vary in their characteristics, including resistance to desiccation, to changes in temperature or pH, and to contact with biocides. After leaving the digestive tract, some die quickly. Others may be able to survive for weeks or even years in the right conditions.

Safeguard EnviroGroup uses several different sampling and analysis methods to evaluate surface cleanliness after Sewage/CAT 3 loses and Post – remediation including culture – based sampling and Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) sampling with in-the-field results in just 15 seconds.

Our Initial Sewage/Bacteria Investigation includes a remediation protocol for $570 (includes the first 3 samples). Additional samples are $100/per sample.

Post Remediation Verification for Clearance

Post Remediation Verification for Clearance performed after remediation, but prior to re-construction, provides a measure of assurance, within sampling, testing and analysis limitations that the structure, systems or contents have been successfully remediated and returned to a pre-loss environmental condition. Post Remediation Verification for Clearance sampling may be required by the insurance carrier or Escrow Company prior to rental, lease or sale of subject property after remediation of a sewage intrusion event.
The cost of Post Remediation for Clearance sampling is $570 (includes the first 3 samples). Additional samples are $100/per sample

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